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Modern vehicles often have electrically-locking doors. As a convenience, this system is potentially not as safe as the old manual locking system. Electronically-locking and electric window features several years ago came under scrutiny as crooks have found a way to hijack your lock code and unlock your vehicle remotely. Sometimes, the old tried & true is better than modern improvements.
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Road accidents are so common in any countries and the main reason for it is recklessness on the part of the driver. If you are a careful driver but the other drivers travelling along the road are not careful, you will still be a victim of road accidents. It is important that everyone should exercise great effort to ensure a safe driving.
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Tires could be as important as your life. You have to closely monitor your tires if you don't want to experience road accidents that could claim your life and the other people as well. Reported accidents on the road were often associated with poor tires maintenance. It is vital that you monitor the age of your tire to determine the right time to replace it. It could be costly but could save your precious life.
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Most people never thing about checking their car's coolant in the summer. They know the coolant will keep the car from freezing in the winter but they do not know it will make the car run cooler in the summer. Coolant will keep your car from freezing but it will also help it to run cooler in hot weather
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The air pressure in your cars tires is very important. The proper car tire air pressure will make the car safer to drive and handle. Proper tire air pressure will also save you money. Under inflated tires will wear uneven and have to be replaced sooner and this is an added expense. Under inflated tires also cause the car to get poor fuel mileage.
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